Precce Shibuya DELI MARKERT


Shibuya DELI Style

We offer deli foods to cater all dining needs in daily lives to the various people visiting Shibuya. 


Find the perfect deli foods
for the your drink for tonight

This section offers the deli foods including appetizers and salads that make perfect companions for your wine and other drinks.
You can find a great assortment for your thirst quenching and house party needs. 

It's fun to choose. I used seasonal ingredients
My favorite boxed BENTO BOX

Create Your Own “My Favorite BENTO BOX” with the Customized Combo of “Rice/Noodles” and “Main/Side”.
Japanese/Chinese/Western dishes made with seasonal ingredients and other popular dishes are waiting for you here.
* “Precce DELI BOX” is available between 11am - 20pm. 

Eat healthily with lots of vegetables
make your own customized salad

You can make your own combination of the “toppings” and “dressing” to make your original salad. Perfect when you want a salad for your main dish, or when you want to share with one or two friends.
*”SUNNY BOWLS” are available from 11am - 15pm.

Deliciously crispy food made with seasonal ingredients by the high-temp cooking

This section offers crispy croquettes and deep-fried foods of “seasonal” and “quality” ingredients. 

Authentic pizza baked in the in-store pizza oven

Your original pizza with your favorite toppings will be quickly baked to order at the 400 Centigrade heat in the specialty pizza oven.
*” My select PIZZA” is available from 3pm - 9pm.

Have a well-balanced meal with the original plate you create

This section allows you to custom-make your meal of “rice”, “main/side” and “soup” to meet your bodily or emotional needs of the day.

Compare your choices of craft beers of different countries.

A wide array of white-hot domestic craft beers and beers from the world is waiting for you. Our craft beers on the tap are the best answer to your quick thirst quenching needs at the “dine-in” section. Enjoy the chilled glass of beer with our famous deli.

Meet the selection of 
that famed celebrities’ “favorites” 

We introduce celebrity recommendation products according to theme.

The long-established bakery that has been introducing a wide range of French culinary culture

Local bakery that sticks to the traditional bread-making methods of France. Enjoy the oven-fresh breads with absolutely no preservative and additive. Feel the toasty aroma from the home of French bread in Shibuya.

The “comfortable” you can enjoy deli foods and craft beer you purchase at our deli

You can enjoy our freshly-made deli foods and craft beers on the tap at this dine-in section.


ADDRESS: Shibuya Stream 2F 2-14, 3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-6419-3109

OPEN:7:00 - 23:00